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Many of our clients are looking for and we provide technical support before crowdfunding on kickstarter, to create a new levitation idea

After crowdfunding, we help clients and do dropshipping to every corner of the world


We helped and launched many successful levitation projects on Kickstarter like “AIR BONSAI”, and “LEVIATINGX”. You just brought your brilliant ideas to us and we will make them real and start on the Kickstarter platform.


As a technical, engineering, manufacturing, and design consultancy company. With years of experience in the new levitation product development, We provide expertise on innovative ideas and projects. So we will provide professional suggestions for your OEM


Blind dropshipping is the most popular and effective solution for an eCommerce business. We’ve been serving more than 20 online stores, we deliver the goods directly from our warehouse to final buyers.


Besides traditional levitation products like Levitating globe, levitating photo frame, and levitating display, we invented levitating speaker, levitating light bulb, levitating plant pot, and levitating moon lamp. We are always on the way to invent unexpected novelties which are the 1st on the earth.

Uses our new Levitating “Base+” Technology.

Our Levitating Sculptures use our most powerful base yet, we call it the Base Plus. Our Wireless Base+ is chargeable and can be used optionally with no power cord attached (battery lasts 12 hours on a single charge). Or choose our Wired Base+ which has a lower profile but works only while plugged in to a power outlet (Worldwide universal power adapters included).

Home decor, re-imagined.

Combine contemporary, modern, and luxurious and you get our breathtaking gravity defying sculptures. The future of home & office decor is upon us with these zero-gravity works of art. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, our gravity defying decorations float in mid-air while rotating in 3D space — spectacularly.

We defy gravity when Newton’s 3rd law said that what goes up, must come down. So you can levitate everything

Emergence of “TECH ART”

As experts in electromagnetic suspension technology, we have made it our mission to test the limits of what is possible with regards to groundbreaking new levitation tech. After 3 years of development, we have engineered a device with maximum levitating power, allowing us to levitate these large breathtaking sculptures. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of this technology and by us enabling people at home to own these mesmerizing pieces, we hope that we can continue proudly contributing to the “Tech Art” movement.


Recent Projects


This is a company logo, which was done by SLA, 3D printed technology


Injection of Plastic tool as per client’s design and make it levitating.

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