• What shall I know before using it?
    Do not get this product close and keep 30cm to those people with medical apparatus and instruments, like pacemaker because this product has a magnet and it will disable its working and be harmful to life. Do not get this product close and keep 20cm to Magnetic recording medium and another magnetic sensitive device, like Magnetic card, tape, floppy disk, hard disk, watch; Otherwise, the recording or above instruments can be destroyed.  The lamp and energy base has a powerful magnet. It will attract to metal, and probably be affecting product working.  While device floating, do not put hands between floating object and the Energy base, in case of the floating object falls down to the energy base and breaks your hands
  • Where to place levitation device
    Place levitation device on any horizontal surface. However, It is not allowed to place it in a wet space, like a bathroom. It is not waterproof. It is absolutely not allowed to throw or drop it
  • Who can use it
    It is not suggested for children under 12 years old.
  • Do you do custom orders
    We accept customized orders.
  • How can levitate and dispose of my product
    Check below video

How to use it

How to dispose when it’s not in use

  • International compatibility
    All products come with a global compatible AC/DC adapter.
  • What is the lifetime of floating lightbulb and floating lamp
    With a lifetime of 50.000 hours. Should the glass break, we also sell replacement glass.
  • What happens when the floating base gets too hot after many times trying levitation
    It’s normal that the base gets hot after many times trying because the power currency is higher. and even the base power will be cut off when it reached 75℃.  When the temperature comes down, the base power will be recovered.
  • What material is the base made from
    MDF, Real wood or Plastic, Metal.
  • How does levitation work
    Products float free in the air via magnetic levitation. Bulb is powered wirelessly by induction. Our lower voltage wireless power module is completely safe and harmless.

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