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Oversea's Business Representative

1.CET-6, with frequent listening, oral, reading and writing english, able to communicate with client 

2.2years experience, qualified business ability,acknowlage of exporting and importing
3.Priority of having exhibition experience, especially oversea's fair, able to operate ALIBABA or Glorbalsource independently

4.Under pressure of hard working; carefully doing job, handle Photoshop.

5.Qualified to communicate with client and develop new markets, having strong teamwork spirit and working passion

6. 5 and a half days per week working

Shipment Clerk

1,2years relevant experience 

2,Acknolege of L/C,commodity inspection and Clearing 
3,Under pressure of hard work.

4,CET-4 or above
5,Teamwork spirit.

6,C1 driving license

Design director
1,Joining in development of toy,gift and premium until design is done.
2,Cooperate with other department in order to finish successfully. 
3,Fulfill different projects at a time.
4,Ability of providing develop idea,graphic design,construct,layout,prototype and materials.

Finance accountant

1、Major in Finance or accounting in University,having finance accountant work license 
2、2years experience for accounting; 
3、Master in account software;  
5、Ability to analyze account data and work independently.

Purchasing Specialist

1. Female and Colleage; 
2、More than 1 year experience. 
3. Acknowledge to purchase and handle QC system. 
4. Ability to negotiate cost with supplier and strong teamwork spirit

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